About HIA
Hope Insurance Agency was founded by Chandler Fozard, an independent agent, licensed to sell life and health insurance products in the great state of Texas (and many, many more).

In Jeremiah 29:11, God promised those who will turn from their sins “…a future and a hope,” and Hope Insurance Agency is named after that hope. It is a means of support for Hope Prison Ministries, a non-profit organization, actively engaged in the evangelization and discipleship of men in prison and their aftercare.

When you choose to purchase your insurance through Hope Insurance Agency, you’re helping to GIVE HOPE not just to your loved ones (through the insurance you select) but to others in desperate need of the gospel.

Please click the pages at the right to learn more about the insurance products available. To schedule an appointment, please call me at (817) 323-7686 or CLICK HERE.

Legal Disclaimer: Please note that the opinions just expressed do not represent or reflect the opinions of the insurance companies represented by Hope Insurance Agency or its agents. No statements made either expressed or implied are intended to convey any endorsement by or relationship with the companies represented by Hope Insurance Agency of its beliefs or the activities of Hope Prison Ministries. Hope Insurance Agency is the name by which Chandler Fozard, an independent agent, does business in the state of Texas.