Long-Term Care
According to the Long Term Care Insurance National Advisory Center, the average Ancient Greek lived until age 18. The median life span of a Puritan was 33. The average American life expectancy is now about 75 years for men, 84 for women. And it is now estimated that 70% of those over 65 will require one form of long-term care or another.

You’ve worked hard to save your money throughout your life to lose it all and leave nothing behind in the end. No matter what some people say, no one wants to require the care of their children in their old age. You want to maintain your dignity; you want to live where you will, and receive the standard of care you desire; and you don’t want to disrupt the lives of your children, forcing them to watch you deteriorate. Long-term care insurance is the best way to protect your assets and shield your loved ones from the burden of having to care for you.

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