RUG Plan

R.U.G. Plan
ATTN: Renters! Homeowners buy mortgage protection insurance to ensure that the home is paid off in the event of the loss of the one who pays the bills. But if, for whatever reason, you experienced an immediate, dramatic loss of income, would you be able to easily continue to pay your…

Utilities &

Don’t Let the R.U.G. Get Pulled Out from Under You!!!
If you or your spouse experienced a critical, chronic or terminal illness or died any other way, could you still afford to pay your Rent, Utilities & Groceries? If not, you need a RUG plan. Here’s how to calculate how much you need:

How much do you pay in RENT?

How much do you pay in UTILITIES?

How much do you pay in GROCERIES?

Now, how many years would you like to be certain that your loved one will be able to continue to pay the Rent, Utilities & Groceries? 10 years 20 years 30 years

Multiply the TOTAL above x the number of years =

Add $25,000 for final expenses =

TOTAL $$$ Needed to Fund Your RUG Plan for Years: $

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